The Plan

Located in the York Armory, Keystone Kidspace will mark the northern gateway to York City— signaling the community's commitment to family, creativity and innovation.

Keystone Kidspace will be a premier experiential learning center where ideas are discovered through play—integrating art, science, technology and engineering.

We understand that life is messy and there is no one right answer, so our open environment allows kids to chart their own course, create their own outcomes, and build confidence and competence for the future. Our goal is to build on York’s legacy of innovation to encourage kids to become the next generation of makers and doers, all while remaining inclusive and accessible to all. This dynamic and ever-changing environment will become a regular part of York County families’ lives, filling a need for diversified family-centered leisure and enrichment opportunities. Designed for ages 6-13, our programs will capture the extraordinary in the ordinary through a variety of inter-connected programs and spaces, highlighting new programs like coding and robotics while also integrating more traditional fields like woodworking and art.


Art is everywhere and you are the artist! Visitors will be encouraged to contribute and collaborate to large scale art installations that evolve over time. Themes and materials will change frequently so each visit will be a new experience.


Dissection for machines…take apart everyday items to see what makes things work. Can’t put it back together? Visitor will use the components to build, innovate and create something entirely their own.


The Studio will be a making place where visitors can tinker and create with traditional disciplines and new technologies. In this facilitated maker space daily challenges and programs will range from woodworking and sewing to robotics and stop motion animation.


Kids need to move, so there will be dedicated space where they can release their energy, test their limits and build strong bodies and minds.

Keystone Kidspace will be a catalyst for York's continued renaissance, building on the incredible momentum of recent years.

Engaged families are an essential ingredient to any vibrant community, and the time is right to engage York’s families. Recent investments in our downtown are making the Codorus Corridor a family-friendly greenway that will connect several landmarks highlighting history, education, sports and innovation.

Our neighbors include:

The York Revolution, The History Center, York Academy Regional Charter School and York County Heritage Rail Trail

“The world is moving at a tremendous rate...We must prepare children not for the world of the past, not for our world; but for their world—the world of the future.”

John Dewey, American Philosopher