Break Out of the Classroom. It's Field Trip Time!

Field Trips & Large Groups

We want to be a comfy, homey space where all kids feel free and inspired to be curious, ingenious, and well, just free to act like kids–to play with tools and materials that they may not have access to at home or at school, in ways that they’ve maybe never been given permission to before.

Teachers, homeschoolers, or group organizers: Schedule and build your unique field trip or large group experience here. Tell us a little about what you’re studying, curious about or want to explore. We’ll help you think outside the box, to bring whatever you’re learning about come to life.

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Your kids will learn together by:

  • Making, breaking, trying and even failing at stuff!
  • Getting their hands dirty – literally and figuratively – through different interactive experiences
  • Experiencing unique, diverse programming that will make their minds explode!
  • Pushing the limits through crazy science experiments, wonderfully, messy art projects, and gooey, fabulous new recipes

The key is to have fun. We want you to join the crew!

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