Mission Statement: By leveraging our community’s legacy of making, Keystone Kidspace provides real access to experiences, tools and mentors that ignite our kids’ imaginations and prepare them for a successful future.

Keystone Kidspace's Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Core to our mission is our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in who we are and what we do. We believe every child has value. Keystone Kidspace is a vibrant community of kids, families and mentors that respects the unique characteristics and points of view of all visitors, volunteers and staff. We seek to honor the passions of our visitors, understand differences among our community members, and build bridges that connect our community. It is our differences that make us stronger. 

* Our visitors, volunteers and employees will reflect the fabric of our community;
* Children can be both student and teacher and we will create opportunities for them to collaborate and express their points of view;
* We are committed to doing everything we can to eliminate barriers to participation based on economic limitations and physical abilities. We will ALWAYS welcome visitors and volunteers regardless of race, gender or sexual identity;
* We partner with members of the York community to develop programs that reflect the diverse interests of our visitors. This approach allows kids to feed their passions and showcase their talents while also exposing visitors to new experiences;
* We celebrate the successes, respect the challenges, and encourage the growth of all visitors as a way to develop cultural awareness and empathy among our community;
* We consider diversity as a factor in all hiring and recruiting activities to ensure our staff and volunteers possess the skills we need while reflecting the make-up of our community.


DIVERSITY: Acknowledging the presence of differences within our community
Keystone Kidspace visitors, employees and board represent the broad diversity that makes up our community.

EQUITY: Working to ensure people with marginalized identities have the opportunity to grow, contribute and develop
Unique kids grow into unique adults. We will work to ensure that all children— regardless of geography, race, socioeconomic status, gender identity or physical ability —have the opportunity to develop their passions and individual point of view.

INCLUSION: Being welcoming and valuing others
There is room in our playground for everyone—come on in!