What makes Keystone Kidspace different?

We believe the most exciting learning does not exist in silos of knowledge—but is driven by the intersection of disciplines.  When science, technology and the arts overlap is when the real magic happens.

Keystone Kidspace will have a diverse program offering that changes and evolves over time. Exhibits will change regularly so each visit is a new experience. This approach will keep local visitors coming back to see what is new.

How often will the activities change?

Some activities will be changed out on a rotating calendar, while others will evolve more organically over time. Workshops and classes will be announced on a monthly basis.

Who are Keystone Kidspace partners?

Many organizations are looking for ways to expand their reach or try out new programs. Keystone Kidspace provides dedicated space for organizations to host classes, workshops or events on a rotating basis. This is a win/win—organizations expand their audience and visitors experience an ever-changing environment that captures their imaginations.

Partners can be existing organizations or an independent instructor who want to share their skills and mentor children and teens.

What is the target age group?

Our target age group is children ages 6 and up. As children grow up it is more difficult to find activities to keep their minds engaged with age-appropriate exploration and innovation.

Keystone Kidspace fills this gap, encouraging older elementary and middle schoolers to ask their own questions and search for answers. Much of the programming is open-ended so children can work at their own pace and find their own path.

Will food be available?

There will be a small space for grab and go snacks, but no full service restaurant.

Can I rent the facility for an event?

Yes! Facility rentals will be available for everything from birthday parties to large events.


What ages can participate?

Our programs are designed for children ages 6-teens. We know families travel together, so our spaces are designed to be safe for younger siblings and comfortable and engaging for older family members.

Will families come downtown?

The York Revolution has proven that high quality family entertainment WILL bring people downtown. Upcoming improvements along the Codorus Corridor, including the extension of the York Heritage Rail Trail as well as the opening of the new York History Center and York Academy’s new high school, will continue to make Downtown York more attractive and accessible to families from outside the city.

Will Keystone Kidspace be accessible to York City families?

Yes. Keystone Kidspace is designed to be a resource for families from around the region.

The facility is located within walking distance of several residential York City neighborhoods and along public transportation routes. We are also committed to partnering with York City schools to ensure that their students have regular and meaningful access to all that Keystone Kidspace and our partners have to offer.

To ensure all families have access, free tickets and reduced and donated admissions will be available.

Will I need to register for classes or become a member in order to access Keystone Kidspace?

No. We are committed to being a regular part of York County families’ lives as well as an attractive destination for visitors and families from across the region. As a result, we welcome drop-in visitors. There will be a calendar of classes, camps and workshops, many of which are likely to require pre-registration; but much of the facility will be open to the general public and we will host many large-scale community events.


Will Keystone Kidspace compete with other organizations?

Keystone Kidspace is collaborative not competitive with other local organizations. While interviewing many local groups we heard audience development is a challenge often based on program limitations, space requirements or geography. We also heard that for many providers their facilities are a huge expense and at times a burden. By bringing a variety of kids programming together under one roof we create an opportunity to build audience, ease the barriers to entry for new providers, and make it easy for families to participate in a variety of activities.

How much will this cost to launch?

Our total fundraising goal is $7 million, which includes site acquisition, design, construction and contingencies as well as a capital reserve.  The money will be raised through a combination of private and public funding sources.

How will Keystone Kidspace be funded in the future?

Our business plan is built for sustainability and designed to maximize earned revenue and minimize annual fundraising. 

When you will begin your capital campaign?

We are scheduled to begin the quiet phase of the capital campaign in October 2018, followed by the public phase beginning January 1, 2019.

When will Keystone Kidspace open?

We are on track to break ground upon completion of the capital campaign. Construction will carry through the remainder of 2019 with an opening target of Spring 2020.